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Scapa Flow Dive Guide

by Lawson Wood
£15.99 + £1.50 p&p

A comprehensive guide to diving the reefs and wrecks of Scapa Flow. Scapa Flow has international acclaim as one of the top wreck diving locations in the world and has more diveable wreckage than any other area in Europe. The shipwrecks are a mixture of battleships, cruisers and destroyers from the German High Seas Battle Fleet scuttled towards the end of WW1 and the direct actions of the British Admiralty which sank a further 43 ships during both world conflicts to block the entrances to Scapa Flow.

For all levels of experience from novice to technical diver.

Fully detailed description of every dive.

Highly detailed full colour maps of all wreck locations.

Superb archive and full colour world class photography throughout.