Archive: Sharks

04/12/2013» Sharkbite that shaped my life

22/05/2013» Tiger Tiger

11/04/2013» The next big thing

08/03/2013» Merciful release

07/03/2013» This summer’s big experience

05/02/2013» Shark interactions: top 20 hotspots

05/02/2013» My shark dive collection

08/11/2012» Not heaven, not freedom

07/06/2012» Wonders of life – Neptune's big fish

15/04/2012» Bleeding nuisance!

01/03/2012» Hanging with the Sevengills

06/10/2011» The raggies are coming

24/06/2011» Tigers & lemons

15/04/2011» Shark bait?

28/01/2011» Scions of the deep blue

12/11/2010» Uncaged minds

09/09/2010» Basking sharks are go!

08/06/2010» Dining out with the sacred cows

12/05/2010» Sharkoholic!

12/04/2010» Total respect!

04/09/2009» The world's richest sharks

04/06/2009» Specialities of the house

04/06/2009» Mako break

03/06/2009» Tiger kiss

03/06/2009» Whale of a time

25/01/2009» Hit the Hot-Spots

20/11/2008» Whale of a day

18/09/2008» Chasing a tail

18/09/2008» Big Tracy gets around

18/09/2008» Tiger joy

08/09/2009» Furious, glorious

24/01/2008» The walking shark

08/07/2008» Ningaloo a-go-go-go

24/01/2008» Lords of Neptune

20/12/2007» Project sharkwatch

11/10/2007» Shark week

20/09/2007» Big surprise

14/04/2010» PETER & THE SHARK

20/07/2007» UPLOAD TO WIN!

30/05/2007» Shark glory

07/06/2007» Cage-diving with a clear conscience

12/04/2007» A game of tag

22/03/2007» Wild coast calendar

22/03/2007» What sh-sh-shark?

19/04/2007» Great white hope

22/03/2007» Troy dive

22/03/2007» Lunching with ladies

22/03/2007» On being human bait

21/12/2006» A tale of two fishes

29/09/2006» Understanding Sharks by Erich Ritter

19/01/2007» Reality check in the Bahamas

19/09/2006» IMAX film embraces wonders of sharks

19/01/2007» Sharks & Rays, The Ultimate Guide to Underwater Predators, Harper Collins

03/04/2007» The sharks of Protea Banks

03/04/2007» The GREATEST PREDATOR of ALL

03/04/2007» The great white debait

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