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Mask Atomic Venom

Appeared in DIVER March 2014
Atomic Aquatics has gained a great reputation for producing top-quality, high-end dive gear. Its policy is to use the best materials available in everything it produces, and the Venom mask is no exception.
I took one with me on a trip to Sulawesi to check it out. more...
Diver Tests
The Hollis M-1 Single Lens

Masks Hollis M-1 & M-3

Appeared in DIVER October 2013
As a photographer, I prefer black silicon-skirted masks, because this stops light interference from the sides and prevents me from seeing my eye reflected in the viewfinder as I try to capture the “big shot”. Technical divers prefer these masks for similar reasons.
Enter Hollis, the technical diving equipment manufacturer from across the pond.
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Mask TUSA Freedom Ceos

Appeared in DIVER September 2013
Despite the importer choosing to send me a mask that made me look like Tonto’s best mate, or Delboy and Rodney on their way to a fancy-dress party, I was knocked out that it asked me what strength lenses I needed – and by the fact that it could supply them from stock. more...
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Mask-cleaner Frog Spit

Appeared in DIVER September 2013
We’re all agreed that a fogging mask is more than simply annoying. New masks are made in an environment that leaves an invisible residue of silicone over their glass. more...
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Camera mask liquid image 1080p HD

WHILE SOME OF US ARE JUMPING into the water with bigger, heavier and ever-more expensive camera kit, in the search for better technical-quality pictures, others are looking to gather images with as little effort as they can. more...
Appeared in DIVER December 2012
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Mask Sherwood Mag Four

ALTHOUGH MY CHILDREN STILL THINK I’m only 23 years old, I’ve reached the age when I feel more comfortable wearing glasses when I read a book, writes Farzi Bantin. The same can be said for looking at the small details on the display of my computer-watch. more...
Appeared in DIVER March 2011
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US company Oceanic has introduced a mask with a built-in computer and a head-up display. It has been developed from one designed for use by Special Operations. I'll bet you boys will be queuing to buy one. more...
Appeared in DIVER July 2007
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MASK Mares X-Vision Liquid Skin

By combining two types of silicone, Mares has managed to make a mask that uses a strong material for the support structure and a very soft skirt edge that will fit a wide variety of faces without leaking. more...
Appeared in DIVER March 2007
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FULL-FACE MASK Ocean Reef Neptune Space

Developed from an Italian fire-fighter's breathing mask, this has been the subject of continual research and development since its introduction, at which time I was a little scathing of one or two glaring oversights in its design. more...
Appeared in DIVER December 2006
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MASKS Beuchat X-Contact

They say there are two types of men over 40: those who wear glasses and those who don't read books. more...
Appeared in DIVER July 2006
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MASK Atomic Vision SubFrame

Atomic Aquatics is one of those companies that makes products up to a standard rather than down to a price. more...
Appeared in DIVER September 2006
Diver Tests

MASK Hydro Optix Mega - 4.5d

'So, Mr Bantin, I see that you wear glasses.' So said the cross-examining lawyer at the inquest. He was trying to destroy my testimony as a material witness. more...