Day: May 10, 2016

Diving with Prince John

North Sulawesi gets plenty of attention west/central Sulawesi less so, but with direct flights to Jakarta and a shorter hop

Babbacombe Seal

Divers live for those moments that denote an unforced marine-life encounter and they can happen anywhere, anytime, as KAREN WILLIAMS


THE OCEAN ART UNDERWATER PHOTO COMPETITION is organised each year by the influential online Underwater Photography Guide, and its recently

The Constant Gardener

From kids who grew up on Finding Nemo to underwater photographers and aquarium fish-hunters, everyone loves anemonefish. JAMIE WATTS and

BE THE CHAMP! – Lighting

The latest narrow-beam LED torches, like Inon’s LF800, are specifically designed for photography. They are easiest to use when aimed


In an extract from his new ebook Polynesia – An Ocean Realm, describing his adventures sailing and diving in the

Vancouver Style

Sun blazing above, a tad nippy below, but off Nanaimo in the Canadian Pacific you stay submerged as long as


THE BRITISH SOCIETY OF UNDERWATER PHOTOGRAPHERS (BSoUP) holds its Beginners Portfolio competition towards the end of each year.

What is a DEEP DIVE?

It’s not necessarily a technical dive, just venturing beyond your standard level into the world of deco-stops and the pressing

Republican Party

They know how to celebrate a good day’s diving in the Dominican Republic – and LISA COLLINS finds plenty to