Day: May 4, 2017

In the BULL-SHARK Observatory

LISA COLLINS enjoys extraordinary close-up experiences with Mexico’s bull sharks and argues for greater protection for these misunderstood predators

BE THE CHAMP! – Cleaners

It’s clean-up time – continuing his long-running series on finding ways to take prize-winning photos, this month ALEX MUSTARD considers

Gorging on M&Ms

No, NIGEL MARSH & HELEN ROSE weren’t on a chocolate binge, it’s just that every major highlight of their four-atoll


Nineteen-year-old VALENTINA CAFOLLA, a freediver from Croatia, has set what she claims to be a new world record for diving

REGULATOR Mares Loop 15X

Sometimes a good idea falls by the wayside because it’s ahead of its time. The ambidextrous regulator is now back,