Month: September 2017

Scubapro Hydros Pro BC

Built using Scubapro’s ‘Fluid-Form 3D Gel System’, the Hydros Pro is unlike any other BC on the market, says the

Dive Rite Helmet

As technical diving becomes more popular, more divers employ helmets to prevent injuries in overhead environments such as caves and

BARE Velocity Ultra Wetsuit

BARE claims that its ‘Celliant Infrared & Progressive Full Stretch Technology’ provides an unsurpassed fit and longer, warmer dives for

Dry Bag Pro

This isn’t a “dry bag” as we know it but a bag that’s supposed to help dry things out.

Seac Italica Mask

The frame of the new Italica mask is made of polycarbonate with chromed metal inserts and closures and stainless-steel screws.