Day: February 7, 2018

Queen Of Hearts

Crocs smiling for the camera, ever-present sharks, big friendly grouper, pristine corals, rare goldfish and starry

Rusty Pilgrimage Part 2

A tropical lagoon in the Pacific containing more than 60 WW2-era Japanese ships has been the wet dream of

Bear to Angel

Between continental Norway and the North Pole lies the Norwegian archipelago of Svalbard. Diving there

Diving With an Axe Murderer

Definitely off the beaten trail is Saipan in the Pacific’s North Mariana islands, a relative stone’s throw from

Rusty Pilgrimage Part 1

Today every square centimetre of the globe can be inspected from satellites, but during WW2 the Imperial Japanese

A Dose of Dozzi

JACK PERKS has become a champion of UK freshwater diving but there was a gap in his knowledge – he had never

In the Glassy Ripples

Tonga is a place of myths and traditions, and until 1978 whales were welcomed there only as food. Now things have taken

Aspects of Etiquette Part 1

Most of us like to feel that we’re in the know about the accepted way of doing things – and nobody more so than divers.

Chasing Coral

Lembeh Strait is the go-to part of the world for muck-diving, but sometimes it seems to excel even itself. STEW SMITH