Day: February 17, 2018

Vanderbilt’s Warrior

Warrior II, sunk off Portland Bill in the English Channel, has drawn deep-divers since its discovery in the early 1980s.

Return To The Donegal Classics

A battleship, a liner and a cargo vessel, none of them less than 155m long or 64m deep, are the big three that make north-western

Travelling Light

Cheap and cheerful, that’s MIKE WARD as he assembles a complete set of travel-friendly dive kit and clothing that will

Mares XR DCT/V/S

I’ve been diving for 30 years or so, and while I acknowledge that this isn’t so much as a pimple on the rear of the

Short Listing 2018

Where will you be diving this year? Ten travel experts offer their predictions to STEVE WEINMAN

Killer Shots

Michael Law is never quite satisfied with his photographs of orcas in the Norwegian fjords – but that gives him the excuse he

Adventures In Wunderland

Lembeh is so rich in weird marine organisms that you need to have at least one new gotta-see on your list when you go