Quality and the DIVER Awards


Quality and the DIVER Awards

Many, many thousands of votes have been cast by Diver readers in the 21 years since the DIVER Awards began, and more than 150 trophies have been handed out to deserving winners. The trophies themselves might have changed in appearance over the years, but their significance has stayed constant.

Being able to display one or more DIVER Awards means that a business has served divers well enough to earn their respect and loyalty.

And for potential customers, that’s a reassuring mark of high quality. Businesses with DIVER Awards in their sights will always go the extra mile for their customers.

For many years the annual awards ceremony was held at prestigious venues in London, at the likes of BAFTA, the Savoy and the Groucho Club.

31 July 2018

Later it was decided that the awards should be made in public at the Dive Show, initially in London and now at Birmingham’s National Exhibition Centre in October. This makes it possible for people from all over the country to attend – not only winners and runners-up but the all-important divers who cast their votes.

Diver Group, which runs the Dive Shows, also organises the DIVER Awards, and this year a record vote tally is our aim – quality through quantity!

Your thoughtful nominations ensure that the right people collect the DIVER Awards.

Who are the right people? Those in the dive industry who serve you best.

Voting is easy, right here on Divernet – just click here.

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