Truk diving never stops


Truk diving never stops

After many years of dive cruising in Micronesia, the liveaboard Thorfinn has now adopted a system of “non-stop diving” over Truk’s sunken battle fleet.

With its daily diving programme, staff say that the widest selection of sites and highest number of dive-slots is available to everyone aboard.

9 December 2018

The boat carries large O2 generators, gas-boosters and breathing-air compressors to offer a wide variety of open- or closed-circuit gas blends, and 10m launches not only take divers to the sites but are also used to transfer guests arriving and departing on their chosen seven-day tour spans, so that Thorfinn doesn’t lose any dive-time in port.

A seven-night trip with all meals and up to five dives a day and nitrox costs from US $2350, and there are extra free spaces available for group bookings.

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