Emperor turns sideways


Emperor turns sideways

According to Emperor Divers Red Sea, most of its guests who have dived with sidemount when asked if they would ever go back to backplates reply: “Never!”

Divers can kit up more easily and add a second tank for more gas, more balance and more redundancy, says Emperor.  “Either way, sidemount is a winner with one tank or two” is now its mantra.

Whether you’re sidemount-trained or not, Emperor says it can offer “the full range” of options for divers.  These include the PADI Sidemount speciality course, gear rental for further sidemount exploration and extra tank rental for divers who have their own gear.

17 January 2019

The operator has also linked up with manufacturer X-Deep to offer 15% off any of its gear purchased by Emperor guests.

The two-day sidemount course is offered at the Marsa Alam dive-centre and costs 159 euros as a supplement on top of the 120-euro standard cost of two days’ diving.

“This is a great chance to try something new,” says General Manager Luke Atkinson. “We tried it, we loved it, you will too!”

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