Month: July 2019


If you enjoy the company of sharks, Tiger Beach in the Bahamas is the place to be in winter and spring, says BRANDI MUELLER

Ever tried running in scuba gear?

An Irish diving instructor is training to compete in this year’s Dublin Marathon in full scuba gear, including cylinder, to raise funds for ocean protection.

Seahorse supporters win right to challenge drillers

Energy companies could find it more difficult to carry out the sort of exploratory oil-drilling seen off Dorset earlier this year, when Poole Bay’s population of seahorses and other vulnerable marine life was said to have been endangered.

Sherwood SR2 Regulator

Newly appointed UK Sherwood distributor Midland Diving Equipment offers the SR2 flagship regulator, which has a balanced-piston first stage that’s dry-sealed to combat icing and prevent contaminants entering the mechanism.

A technical team dives the 108m-deep King Edward VII wreck near Scapa Flow in 1997.

The Technical Diving Revolution – part 2

MICHAEL MENDUNO looks at how technical diving got its name, at the controversy generated by the ‘devil gas’ nitrox, and the battle to get to grips with safety in the early ‘90s.

Divers half-clear Bell wreck explosives

A week-long operation to make the famed WW2 ore-carrier wrecks off Bell Island in Newfoundland safer for recreational divers has been hit by poor weather and underwater access problems – but Royal Canadian Navy divers have succeeded in clearing unexploded ordnance from two of the four wrecks.

Meet the glow-in-the-dark shark

It was discovered nine years ago in the USA’s Gulf of Mexico, one of the only two “pocket sharks” ever found, but now the “glow-in-the-dark” shark has been officially classified as a new species, Mollisquama mississippiensis.