Sink into diving history in Sutton


Sink into diving history in Sutton

Picture: HDS.

Richard Castle, Colin Martin, Nigel Phillips and Andrew Marshall are guest speakers at the History of Diving Conference, the annual get-together of the Historical Diving Society (HDS) which is open to the public as well as members.

The event is being held at Subsea 7 in the London borough of Sutton on Saturday, 19 October.

Castle spent 10 years working at the Royal Naval Physiological Laboratory’s Atmospheric Diving Group and focuses on the JIM suit of the 1970s and the various experiments undertaken and training required to use it.

Marine archaeologist Dr Martin has worked on many post-medieval shipwrecks in Scottish and Irish waters, and relates descriptions of early salvage found in the archives to the real-life topography and hazards of the wrecks on which he and the pioneers have dived.

14 September 2019

Collector of diving books Nigel Phillips examines developments in diving apparatus up to the introduction of Standard Dress, while Chief Diver Marshall MBE, who has operated as a clearance diver in the Baltic and Gulf of Iran, discusses “Modern-day RN Clearance Diving Operations Within Fleet Diving Squadron”.

Conference tickets, which cover lunch and refreshments, cost £45 and must be booked in advance. The presentations are followed by the HDS annual dinner at the nearby Holiday Inn, which also costs £45.

Both events can be booked here.

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