Atomic recalls hoses


Atomic recalls hoses

Example of Atomic date-stamp.

US diving-equipment manufacturer Atomic Aquatics is recalling for free replacement all its low-pressure hoses produced between July 2017 and February 2019.

The recall affects both hoses sold separately and those attached to regulators. The company says that it has “learned of an issue that may affect low-pressure rubber hoses, rendering them unsafe for use”.

Affected hoses will carry one of the following date-stamps: D0717, D0817, D0917, D1017, D1117, D1217, D0118, D0218, D0318, D0418, D0518, D0718, D0918, D1018, D1118, AA119 and AA219.

Atomic emphasises that owners should not attempt to replace hoses themselves because “professional assembly work is required”.

To find your nearest dealer use Atomic’s dealer locator, or for further information email its service team at

25 November 2019

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