Bath diving in Italy


Bath diving in Italy

We’ve seen the communal singing from windows in locked-down Italy, but divers there are finding their own ways to keep smiling through the hardships inflicted by the coronavirus pandemic.

During the national “I Stay At Home” campaign, north-eastern dive-club Nautica Treviso has started a photographic competition for members and friends on Facebook, with prizes for the most-liked scuba, freediving or snorkelling-linked entries.

Club-member Jane Bettoni submitted this image of how to make the best of life between four walls.

“Under normal circumstances I often come to the UK and buy DIVER magazine,” she told Divernet.

In the current abnormal circumstances she has had to content herself with re-reading the February issue for now, but there was plenty in that edition to keep a homebound diver dreaming. After that, there’s always Divernet

16 March 2020

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