The dive-centre behind the mask

The dive-centre at Amun Ini Beach Resort in Anda, Bohol, claims to be the first in the Philippines to offer diving with full-face masks, and is providing PADI Speciality training in their use.

German owner Bigs Eggert cites the advantages of full-face masks as being better visibility, including an enlarged field of vision; no ingress of water or fogging; and the ability to breathe through the nose as at the surface, because the regulator is integrated with the mask.

A microphone can also be built in for communication during more demanding dives.

She also says that full-face snorkelling masks offer the benefit of a built-in “Snorky Talky” comms device allowing guidance to points of interest from the boat.

“Many divers are surprised how easy it is to use the mask,” she says.

A seven-night B&B package with 10 dives and airport transfers costs US $1555, and the full-face mask course $199.

27 April 2020