Month: October 2020

‘Abnormal’ shark behaviour closes Red Sea sites

Ras Mohammed national park – and, it has been unofficially reported, the Brothers Islands – in the northern Red Sea have been closed indefinitely for recreational activities following a rare shark attack on a group of snorkellers.

Divers needed for Selfie Saturday

Saturday, 7 November sees the world’s first “Underwater Selfie Day”, according to diver training agency PADI, which has linked up with action-cam maker GoPro for the occasion. And there are cameras and cash to be won.

Grenada has been steady

Grenada has to date remained a viable destination for UK divers. It boasts the largest shipwreck in the Caribbean, the Bianca C, many other good-quality wreck dives, coral reefs and a wealth of marine life.

Huge rockfall closes Thai reef

A coral reef in the Andaman Sea in southern Thailand that was damaged by a massive rockfall a fortnight ago has been closed off to scuba divers for at least two years.

Towering reef discovered in GBR

The Great Barrier Reef has not lost its power to surprise and overwhelm the senses, it seems. Australian scientists have just discovered a detached coral reef so tall that it dwarfs skyscrapers such as London’s Shard – and it’s the first to be discovered for more than 120 years.

Green Fins commends Malaysian dive-centres

Three Malaysian dive-centres have shared the honours in the 2020 Green Fins Award for operations with the lowest environmental impact, given by UK marine-conservation charity the Reef-World Foundation. 

Mares Magellan BC

Barely making it to 2kg on the scales, the Magellan is proudly promoted by Mares as a travel BC.

Sunday Brunch at 6 metres

Scuba divers Shane Breadmore and Leo Coucher took a break from their underwater cleaning duties in the 250,000-litre Sea Life Great Yarmouth tank alongside a green turtle called Noah recently. Their 6m-deep “Sunday Brunch” was part of a bid to raise funds and awareness for cancer research. 

Divers look to Maldives and Canaries

Welcome news for travelling scuba divers running out of officially approved warmwater destination options as the UK winter approaches is that the Maldives and Spain’s Canary Islands are back among the travel corridors.

Basque divers explore British shipwreck

The wreck of a 19th-century British cargo ship that had been carrying bags of cement for an imperial infrastructure project has been investigated in the Bay of Biscay by a joint French-Spanish archaeological team.