PADI launches new Dive Guides

Picture: PADI

With its latest set of PADI Dive Guides, the training agency says that a new feature makes it easier for divers to discover, explore and plan their next adventure, whether it’s far away or local.

Users can now book dives or snorkel excursions, holidays and training courses with dive centres and resorts directly through the integrated PADI Adventures platform, says the agency. Dive shops can be contacted for further information on dive-sites in their areas.

Both the number of individual guides and the level of detail has been increased, according to PADI, with the resource continuing to expand daily as centres, resorts and professionals add new pages to what are already thousands of guides. Included are marine-life calendars, seasonal weather data and travel information.

Users can investigate diving opportunities by continent and country, or drill down to specific destinations and “a mosaic of dive sites” in each location, with insights provided by local experts as well as site reviews from other users. PADI Dive Guides can be found here.

****** MEANWHILE, ANOTHER MAJOR training agency, SSI, says it has revamped its website to offer a higher level of interactivity. It says that the new site is more user-friendly for divers than before – as well as being more profitable for its training centres and resorts.

Divers can search for courses at required levels easily and explore activities related to scuba, such as freediving and mermaiding, it says. Each page is linked to course previews and a map of centres offering each course.

Pages are cross-linked to other tools such as an events calendar and MyDiveGuide to dive locations, with a new site-map and search function to improve navigation. Find the Dive SSI site here.

14 April 2021