At home on Cornish roads – air-fills and all!

How’s this for a rolling staycation idea? A Cornish business has launched what it describes as the UK’s first dedicated motorhome for scuba-divers – and it says users will no longer need to find dive-centres to refill their tanks.

Diver David Hanlon set up Coast 2 Coast Motorhome Hire of Truro three years ago and his fleet of eight has just risen to nine with the addition of the Coast Diver, which he reckons is ideal for divers looking to drive from cove to cove exploring promising dive-sites.

Coast Diver can accommodate four to six people with their dive-gear and comes with a Coltri MS6 compressor. Divers receive a thorough briefing in its safe use  along with their motorhome familiarisation, says Hanlon. A 10-litre tank takes about 20min to fill.

The themed interior includes a library of diving books and DVDs, and the exterior paintwork is inspired by a German barque wreck near Falmouth, the Hera.

Hanlon’s father dived it back in the 1970s, promising that any artefacts would be given to the local community – and they’re still there.

Further wreck-themed motor-homes are planned.

You can hire Coast Diver for a week or just for a long weekend – rates are £300 for three nights off-season rising to £395 in summer.

4 June 2021