Month: August 2021

Bahamas deaths blamed on DCI

Spearfishing fatalities are not uncommon around the world, usually occurring among freedivers, but two men have died in the Bahamas while using compressed air and suffering what was reported to be decompression illness (DCI).

Bill’s big loop amazes researchers

The longest-ever observed migration by a southern right whale has been recorded by marine biologists in New Zealand, after a satellite tag that should have lasted six months has carried on working for more than a year.

UK shark-fin ban confirmed

Campaigners have welcomed the UK’s formal announcement that from next year it will become the first European nation to ban the import and export of shark fins and any products containing them, including shark fin soup.

Maldives diver set for two-day immersion

There was disappointment for UK scuba divers yesterday (26 August) as it was announced that the Maldives would remain on the government’s red list for travel.  However, plans are going ahead to mark the Indian Ocean nation’s 50 years in the diving industry next year, centring on a 50-hour scuba dive to be carried out by Maldivian technical diver Shafraz “Shaff” Naeem.

Restoring seagrass attracts seahorses. (Picture: Mark Parry, OCT)

Divers shift seagrass seeds and nets

Scuba divers from the Ocean Conservation Trust (OCT) and Project Baseline UK have collected more than half a million seeds from healthy seagrass meadows in the Solent off the Isle of Wight. The seeds are to be transplanted to other parts of the Solent where the grass has been lost or degraded.

Waterproof W7 Wetsuit

Now available in two thicknesses and 15 male and 12 female styles, the W7 uses soft, flexible Neoflex 100% CR neoprene in grey and black Lycra for four-way stretch and a comfortable fit, says the Swedish maker.

Blue whales back in Spanish killing grounds

The world’s biggest mammal, the blue whale, is returning to the coast of north-west Spain where it was hunted almost to extinction until 35 years ago. Marine biologists are divided about the reasons for their reappearance, however, some arguing that it is caused by folk memory and others by climate change.

Things fall apart

I can’t quite understand it. How did that happen? Every item of my scuba kit was fine when I put it away.

How scuba skills boost Paralympians

A number of competitors at this year’s Tokyo Paralympic Games are also scuba divers, says PADI, and several of them are on an underwater mission.

Cuttlefish never forget a meal or a mate

Cuttlefish can remember what, where, and when specific things happened right up to their last few days of life, researchers have found – and the memories of elderly cuttlefish remain as good as those of the younger generation.