Month: September 2021

Wetsuit 2666

Can you identify the wearer?

Hampshire Police detectives are hoping that a Divernet reader might be able to help identify a body that they think could be that of a diver.

Mares Kaila SLS BC

This jacket-style BC is designed for female divers. Said to provide great stability, the Kaila offers integrated quick-release weight-pouches with visual confirmation that they are locked in, trim-weight pockets, Mares Ergo inflator and three dump-valves.

Law would hold dive-boat owners to account

Operators of US dive-boats such as the Conception liveaboard, on which fire caused the deaths of 34 people in California in 2019, will be unable to dodge financial liability if a new bill passes into law.

A slice of Madeira

Portugal and the Azores have been on and off the all-clear list but the Portuguese island of Madeira has stayed green-listed for a while now, if we dare to tempt fate.

Spanish divers uncover Roman gold coins

A total of 53 perfectly preserved Roman gold coins have been found on the seabed off the Spanish island of Portitxol east of Valencia, following the chance discovery by two recreational freedivers of an initial eight.

400 teenage divers to train free in Cornwall

Dive Project Cornwall, a recently formed not-for-profit company, has teamed up with diver training agency PADI in what they say is a bid to encourage more teenagers into scuba – and boost their appreciation of the underwater world.