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UPY 2022
Whale shark triumph at UPY 2022

…RX100vii, Fantasea UWL-09, Fantasea, 3 x Backscatter Miniflash. f/8, 1/2000th, ISO 160 British Waters Wide Angle Winner © Henley Spiers / UPY 2022 (UK). “Gannet Storm” Northern gannet in Shetland….

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Backyard Babbacombe

UK DIVER Backyard Babbacombe He has moved from the Coral Triangle to the West Country but does HENLEY SPIERS regard it as a comedown in terms of diving? Not a…

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Farnes – First Impressions

UK DIVER Farnes – First Impressions It’s British diving at its most iconic, off the coast of Northumberland – words & photos by first-timer HENLEY SPIERS THE FARNE ISLANDS are…

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Never mind the Threshers!

PHILIPPINES DIVER Never mind the Threshers! The words ‘Malapascua’ and ‘thresher shark’ have become inseparable, but it shouldn’t be the case, say Henley Spiers & Jade Hoksbergen – even without…

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Finding The Best Dive-Logging App

APP REVIEW In his occasional app-reviews, HENLEY SPIERS considers 6 ways to keep digital records DIVE-LOGGING IS A BIT OF A divisive subject in the diving community. While some diligently…

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Beautiful rays as the sun sets and Henley’s group has Los Islotes to themselves (and the sea-lions, of course).
Holy Spirit

Jacques Cousteau called it ‘the Aquarium of the World’. They told HENLEY SPIERS that sea lions, mobula rays and whale sharks were guaranteed. The Sea of Cortez was a place…

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Marlin Hunt

BIG ANIMAL DIVER Marlin Hunt Think you’ve seen it all under water and ready for new thrills? HENLEY SPIERS found a hot contender in the new-thrills category recently, off Mexico’s…

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Crystal Blue, Midnight Black

PHILIPPINES DIVER Crystal Blue, Midnight Black HENLEY SPIERS & JADE HOKSBERGEN cross over to the dark side during a rewarding trip to Anilao A larval crab is just one member…

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Adventures in Ringflection

PHOTO DIVER Adventures in Ringflection HENLEY SPIERS was looking for a new challenge in underwater photography, and his quest began in a hardware store Mouth-brooding cardinalfish against the purple skirt…

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Dive-guide Alex gazes up at the huge school of jack.
500% More Fish

MEXICO DIVER 500% More Fish Is this the most successful marine park ever? The stats are astonishing, and the reality of diving at Cabo Pulmo is even better, says HENLEY

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Now that’s an over-under shot!

Henley Spiers. The other category-winning photographers were Jinggong Zhang (Animal Behaviour), Tyler Schiffman (Reefscapes) and Ipah Uid (Compact Camera). Placed images can be seen at or DIVER magazine’s…

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