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Swanage, on the South Coast in Dorset, has much to offer, with its rolling green hills to one side of the Bay with Old Harry Rocks and Peveril Point and Ledges to the other.

Undoubtedly the main attraction for divers is Divers Down, Britain’s oldest dive school, established in 1958.

We are now taking bookings for the whole of 2019 season

If you would like to reserve spaces on a dive or would like more
information then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Phone or text: 07977 142661

Monday 9th September
12.30 Valentine Tanks

Friday 13th September
09.45 Valentine Tanks
13.00 Fleur de Lys

Saturday 14th September
10.15 Valentine Tanks
13.30 Old Harry Drift
13.30 Fleur de Lys
16.30 Clan Macvay

Sunday 15th September
08.15 Peveril Ledges
08.15 Fleur de Lys
11.15 Kyarra
14.00 Lighthouse Drift

Saturday 21st September
08.00 Kyarra
11.00 Lighthouse Drift
14.00 Valentine Tanks

Sunday 22nd September
08.40 Aeolian Sky + Scallop Drift
15.00 Kyarra

Saturday 28th September
09.45 Betsy Anna
09.45 Kyarra
12.30 Fleur De Lys
12.45 Old Harry Drift
15.30 Valentine Tanks
15.45 Kyarra

Sunday 29th September
10.00 Valentine Tanks
10.40 Kyarra
13.00 Fleur de Lys
13.30 Old Harry Drift

Saturday 5th October
08.40 Aeolian Sky
08.40 Clan Macvay or Kyarra
11.45 Peveril Ledges
11.45 Fleur de Lys
14.30 Valentine Tanks
15.00 Kyarra

Sunday 6th October
09.40 Betsy Anna
09.40 Kyarra
12.45 Peveril Ledges
12.45 Fleur de Lys
15.40 Valentine Tanks
16.00 Kyarra

Saturday 12th October
09.45 Clan Macvay
09.45 Kyarra
12.45 Old Harry Drift
12.45 Fleur de Lys
15.20 Valentine Tanks
15.40 Kyarra

Sunday 13th October
09.45 Valentine Tanks
10.15 Kyarra
12.45 Fleur de Lys
13.00 Old Harry Drift

Saturday 19th October
09.00 Peveril Ledges
09.00 Fleur de Lys
13.00 Kyarra
13.00 Betsy Anna
15.30 Old Harry Drift

Sunday 20th October
08.00 Valentine Tanks
11.00 Fleur de Lys
13.45 Kyarra
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