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New dive-equipment gets its introduction, to be followed up by insightful reviews and kit comparisons.

This section also takes in fresh ideas in scuba gear still in development, round-ups, recalls, gear selection advice and much more – all designed to help you make informed decisions and optimise your underwater adventures.

Testing fins

When you’re looking for the best source of foot-mounted propulsion, do you get more by paying more? John Bantin and Colin Mac Andrias test 28

The new Mares Excel range - the top two fins are Quattro Excels, with conventional straps, while the yellow Avanti Excel is a slipper fin.Divernet
FINS Mares Quattro Excel

THE ITALIAN MANUFACTURER MARES HAS A PROBLEM. Some years ago, it introduced its Plana Avanti Quattro fins. Being so much better than anything else available

Dry Suits
Dry Suit Tests May 2003

A score of drysuits from which to choose, ranging from less than £400 to nearly £900 – but which ones offer best value for money?

Whirlwind in a tiny package

It seems a very long time since we announced the imminent arrival of the mini Oceanic Zeta regulator on the What’s Bubbling pages. I had been


The hundreds of fins on the market all have one thing in common – they exist to help you move through the water with ease.

Inverted twin cylinders in position. The set-up uses your usual twinset with second stage directed neatly over the right shoulder, the direct feed over the left, contents gauge clipped to the bottom of the BC and your suit feed hose coming upwards under the right arm to the chest inflator valve.
A Turn-up For The Bottle

No, there’s no mistake! Nick Herbert’s twinset (opposite) is meant to be worn upside down. It’s a little wrinkle he has borrowed from Royal Navy

Transportable Pressure Receptacles

SOME call them tanks, others call them bottles; the BSAC calls them cylinders and the HSE, in line with Euro-speak, now calls them transportable pressure


THE man who discovered that a freely pivoting magnet always swings magnetic north has long been forgotten, but that simple property has been essential to

Octopus rig
Alternate Air Sources

THERE was a time when you were expected to share a regulator mouthpiece with your buddy if one of you ran out of air. Thankfully


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