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A shark is jettisoned after being finned. Film still Ogilvy & Mather
Shark finning film too graphic for TV

A film which provides a shocking reminder of the cruelty of shark finning has been deemed unbroadcastable for television. The 45-second, black and white commercial

The Black Prince
Ben Franklin’s Black Fleet

Is one of these privateers lying off Anglesey? Rico Oldfield has been beneath its waters in a bid to find out. OUR WORK site is a

For 10 years now the wreckage of a 17th warship sunk in a storm off the Isle of Mull has been yielding more and more secrets from the age of Cromwell. Colin Martin has become the curator of this underwater museum
Swan Song

IT’S AS MUCH A ROUTINE AS GOING TO THE OFFICE, and I’ve been doing it every summer for 10 years. We sit on the rocks

Greater blue-ringed octopus - Hapalochlaena lunulata
What’s up, BRO!

The name blue-ringed octopus sends a shiver of terror through some – but for underwater photographers this tiny creature is an object of desire, say

Operation Zembe was tailor-made for our regular correspondent Monty Halls
In search of the ancestors

An Indiana Jones-style expedition to track down the oldest human artefact to survive under water, while avoiding the attentions of great white sharks and stinging

saltwater crocodile
Crocodile attack!

It happened last summer in remotest Indonesia when a 4m-plus reptile grabbed David Shem-Tov with intent to harm. Few divers have been attacked before –

Buoyancy Challenge
The DIVER buoyancy challenge

How good is your buoyancy control? The recent DIVER Buoyancy Challenge at Action Underwater Studios saw 60 divers find out more about their skills. Sean

priests of the Inquisition destroyed all pagan idols and this Aztec ceremonial crystal skull would have been an exception only because it was among Cortezs personal treasure
Treasure-hunting the psychic way

Crystal skulls, priceless emeralds – a US dive team hit paydirt when they called in psychics to help locate a legendary treasure ship, and the


When the DIR (Doing It Right) philosophy of diving first arrived from the USA, Brendan O’Brien wrote what was, it must be said, a somewhat

Jacques Mayol
Jacques Mayol

The free-diving community was shocked in December by the news that the most famous free-diver of the last century, Jacques Mayol, had committed suicide. Bernard Eaton knew

Rob Palmer
Get It Wrong And You’re Dead

The diving world was shocked when famed British diver Rob Palmer died in mysterious circumstances in the Red Sea – last seen at 120m on


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