DIVER Awards 2019

REWIND TO 2018. It was the year in which DIVER readers again named blue o two Tour Operator of the Year, and Tornado Fleet’s Hurricane reprised its role as leading liveaboard. Both operators are active in the Red Sea, and Egypt has long claimed the Destination of the Year title.

Your preferred dive-centres and shops have been British of late – Andark Diving & Watersports was the go-to winner in 2018, while after a decade at the top Simply Scuba seemed simply unstoppable as your retailer of choice.

With dive-gear, top spot changes hands more often – the brand to beat last year was Apeks, while Suunto’s EON Core and TUSA’s BC0102 Soverin Alpha BC were the most celebrated products.

These eight DIVER Award-winners were revealed by guest-presenter Monty Halls at the DIVE 2018 Show last October – and now we’re getting set for the 22nd appearance of the industry’s longest-established and most prized accolades.

But we need your help with the nominations, to ensure that your own preferences are reflected.

Feel free to vote for serial winners like some of those above, but also consider introducing new names into the mix if you feel they deserve greater recognition.

For 21 years we’ve carried a paper voting form in DIVER, while also pointing out the alternative – a digital form at divernet.com

Because we hope you already use our website to access the latest diving news or search back through features, we’ve decided to switch entirely to online entry this year.

It’s less effort for you, and saves you taking scissors to DIVER!

So when you next visit the site, please remember to cast your votes. If you know what you like – and we know that most divers do – it’s the work of a moment.

Winners regard DIVER Awards as invaluable business tools, because they show divers that their level of service has earnt the respect and loyalty of others. So make sure the businesses that benefit are the ones you’d like to see do well.

One other important thing: alongside Brand, Dive Centre, Dive Destination, Liveaboard, Product, Retailer and Tour Operator of the Year, we’re introducing a new category to replace the previous Newcomer award.

This is Resort of the Year, for a place where you pay to stay on a diving holiday (rather than a town or area) and which might or might not incorporate its own dive-centre.

So many of you head to dive-resorts for your holidays, and we felt that the move would complement the Liveaboards category. And if a favourite resort sprang to your mind even as you read that sentence, don’t forget to vote for it!


  • DIVER Brand of the YearWhich badge on your dive gear speaks volumes about quality and reliability?
  • DIVER Dive Destination of the YearName the best country for divers to visit, and not necessarily the obvious!
  • DIVER Dive Centre of the YearWhich centre, anywhere in the world, seems to get it right more often than not?
  • DIVER Liveaboard of the YearIt may be the facilities, the crew or the itinerary – name your ideal boat
  • DIVER Product of the YearWhich do you consider the most exciting item of kit to emerge in 2019?
  • DIVER Retailer of the YearVote for any dive store that has given you good value and exemplary service
  • DIVER Tour Operator of the YearWhich company is best at arranging diving package holidays?
  • DIVER Resort of the YearA place where you pay to stay on a diving holiday (rather than a town or area) which might or might not incorporate its own dive-centre.


If you can’t answer a question (e.g. Liveaboard of the Year – because you did not go on a liveaboard) then please enter N/A.

Please note that DIVER can accept only emailed votes through www.divernet.com, and then only one per email address. Votes from employees or commercial associates for their own or associated organisations will not be counted.
* Voting is available to residents of the UK or Republic of Ireland aged 18 and above.
* Closing date is 30 September 2019.