Win one of five 360 Observe Divers Rear Mirrors worth £20 each2019-03-07T08:06:15+01:00

One of five 360 Observe Divers Rear Mirrors worth £20 each

Top-scorer in a recent DIVER Tests report, the 360 Observe diver’s rear mirror  provides a simple but effective way to improve all-round underwater vision. This is achieved using a 40mm-diameter convex mirror of well-silvered plastic mounted in a frame and secured using an elastic strap. Worn on the wrist, the 360 Observe is lightweight yet sturdy.

For your chance to win, answer the following question to enter the competition and we’ll pick 5 lucky winners randomly:

Which DIVER Magazine journalist tested the 360 Observe Divers Rear Mirror?

a) Simon Pridmoreb) Mike Wardc) Steve Warren

To find the answer, take a look at the DIVER Magazine test report

Terms & Conditions

  • The prize is provided by Diving Distribution.
  • The closing date for the competition is midnight, Wednesday 20 March 2019, after which the winners’ name will be drawn at random.
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  • The prize is subject to availability and a suitable alternative may be substituted if necessary, at the publisher’s discretion.
  • Maximum of one entry per contestant.
  • The publisher’s decision is final.

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