DAN divers set for European tour


DAN divers set for European tour


DAN Europe is embarking on a road tour this summer, and says its aim is to promote sustainable lifestyle and corporate responsibility in the diving industry.

“With much of the tourism and sports industries stuck due to lockdowns all around Europe, some may think now is not the best moment to launch a tour,” says DAN. “However, ocean protection has long been overdue, and there’s no time to lose.”

Rising carbon dioxide levels, plastics & chemical pollution and biodiversity loss are the main concerns to be addressed by DAN Europe ambassadors Manuel Bustelo and Alana Alvarez.

From early June until November the two scuba divers plan to use an electric vehicle to cover more than 7000 miles across the continent. They want to meet institutions and policy-makers as well as divers at sites, dive centres, equipment manufacturers and training agencies.

“Sustainability is a driving force globally, directing strategies and decisions now, and the diving industry is particularly concerned,” says Bustelo. “We’re happy to have DAN Europe embrace this project and drive the change we all need.”

“As divers, we all share the love and awe for our underwater world, and want to do our utmost to protect it,” adds Alvarez. “We’re embarking on the tour with this in mind.”

DAN Europe says that in recent years it has adopted a more sustainable approach, addressing issues such as ocean conservation and plastic use reduction. More information about its tour can be found here.

It is not clear whether the third wave of coronavirus now threatening Europe could affect tour plans, but the Covid pandemic has already influenced DAN Europe’s insurance strategy. In recognition of prevailing international travel restrictions, the organisation has started offering a new membership option that specifically supports close-to-home diving.

25 March 2021

Its Dive Local plan covers both scuba and freedivers diving within their country of residence only, and includes technical diving. It provides support in the event of an accident with 24/7 access to the DAN Europe hotline and diving medical advice, as well as access to MyDAN and its app.

“Even if some countries have a robust national healthcare system, it likely does not provide the specialised knowledge, consultancy and assistance required for diving injuries or planning, nor does it likely fully cover hyperbaric therapy should the need arise,” claims DAN.

Apart from the UK, the scheme is also operating in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands. Details can be found here.



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