Help us spotlight 30 Diving Influencers


Help us spotlight 30 Diving Influencers

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With many readers finding themselves with unexpected time on their hands as a result of self-isolation, Divernet hopes you might care to look ahead to October’s DIVE 2020 show at the National Exhibition Centre and put some of that time to good use.

It’s the 30th anniversary of the Birmingham Dive Show, organised by Diver Group which also brings you Divernet and DIVER magazine.

As one of many planned ways to celebrate the big occasion we’re looking to pinpoint the “Diving Influencers” – the individual divers who, over the three decades since 1990, have done the most to change our sport for the better.

They might come from any part of the world, and their influence can have come about from their involvement in many spheres of activity.

They might be underwater explorers, wreck divers/researchers, technical divers, cave divers, freedivers, conservationists, underwater photographers, film-makers, eco-activists, dive-gear developers, marine biologists, instructors, travel facilitators, TV broadcasters, authors, charity workers – the possibilities are endless.

We want to come up with a list of 30 names to showcase in a special Diving Influencers Gallery at DIVE 2020 – the key event on the diving calendar that we hope many of those influencers will be attending!

First off, we need your nominations to get the ball rolling. It’s simple: just email us three names and we’ll get the database under way.

A little further down the line we’ll let you know the leading names in the running, and if you feel there are omissions there will be an opportunity for further rounds of voting.

We want to be sure that we reflect the most popular choices among the diving community, so please do have your say.

Remember, we’re looking for individuals who have left their mark on diving since 1990 – have a think and then please send your initial three suggested names by clicking here.

21 March 2020



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