What temperature can I take this regulator down to? #scuba #mares #askmark

Your Opinion on the Mares 28XR? #scuba #mares #askmark

Freddy Gaertner
#askmark Hi Mark, I was wondering I
What's your opinion on the Mares 28XR 1st stage. I have as the 28XR HR 1st and 2nd stage combo and was also wondering what it's temperature rating is as I can't find anything on mares's website

#scuba #scubadiving #scubadiver

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Ben Heckendorn
Ben Heckendorn
11 months ago

Hi Mark

I wonder what would you recommend, I’m looking for a drysuit. But I’m not sure if I should choose them with socks or boots.

Thanks, greetings from Switzerland


Scuba Diver Magazine
Scuba Diver Magazine
Reply to  Ben Heckendorn
11 months ago

Integrated boots are handy but eventually they will wear out and need replacing. Replacing integrated boots can be expensive and time consuming. If you use and need your drysuit frequently then you need to check your boots and look after them.

If you have socks, you do have the additional cost of rock boots however, if the rock boot wears it’s a lot cheaper to replace and your drysuit is still water-tight. Socks are also more forgiving to different size feet.

They both have their pros and cons and they’re both a good choice. My drysuit right now has socks but, I’d also be happy if it had boots. Choose the one that feels right for you.

Joseph dracula
Joseph dracula
11 months ago


11 months ago

Hi Mark, can you recommend a company that makes custom wetsuits? I’m 6.3 and skinny – if I choose a of the shelf suit that fits my body – it’s usually 5 inches too short, and if i choose a suit lengthwise – It looks like deflated zeppelin on me.
So far I have a suit that too short and using tall boots with it, but still have about 2 inches of nakedness down there 😆

Scuba Diver Magazine
Scuba Diver Magazine
Reply to  Amadeuss
11 months ago

It depends where you are in the world,
I presume you’ve looked at brands like Bare, Fourth Element and Scubapro that offer ‘Tall’ sizes. Dive centres usually won’t hold those sizes in stock or on their website but, they can order them in for you. As well as two-part freediving wetsuits that can help with tall and skinny body shapes. Another alternative is a drysuit which is more practical in the long run.

As far as made to measure wetsuits, I’ve heard good things about JMJ Wetsuits and Henderson who are based in the US. There are also some around Europe such as Snugg, Kalypse and Elios. Vut, it might be cheaper to consider a 2-part freediving suit or ‘Tall’ sizes if you haven’t already

Attila Kerekes
Attila Kerekes
6 months ago

I got the Mares 28xr hr as side mount set. I noticed that the SPG needle on both first stages has a small movement when breathing (around 5bar). Did you encounter something similar? Would that work when using tank pods / transmitters instead of SPG?

Scuba Diver Magazine
Scuba Diver Magazine
Reply to  Attila Kerekes
6 months ago

There are a few potential causes of needle twitch on a SPG and it’s usually a restriction of airflow.

The most common is a *partially open cylinder valve* . It’s one of the reasons why the quarter-turn rule has gone out of fashion now.
A *blockage of debris* in the valve, filter, or hose can have a similar effect.

The fact that it’s occurring in both regulators is odd. I’d try them on a different cylinder, open the valve fully and see if it happens again. If it still occurs then I’d take them in to be looked at

Edit: Forgot to mention transmitters… Transmitters often have a delay, they don’t broadcast every second so you probably won’t notice that fluctuation with a transmitter even though the pressure drop inside the HP section of the 1st stage or hose may still be present.

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