Raja Ampat Creature Feature Bigeye Trevally

Meridian Adventure Dive bring you the monthly Raja Ampat Creature Feature series: Bigeye Trevally

Trevally is a common name for several species of fish belonging to the family Carangidae. These fish are also known by other names, such as jacks or kingfish, depending on the region. Trevally fish are known for their strong, streamlined bodies, which make them excellent swimmers.

Raja Ampat Creature Feature Bigeye Trevally
Raja Ampat Creature Feature Bigeye Trevally 3

Here are some key characteristics and information about trevally fish:

Appearance: Trevally species vary in appearance, but they typically have a silvery colouration with shades of blue or green on their upper bodies. They often have a distinctive forked tail and a robust, muscular build.

Size: The size of trevally fish can vary among species, but many can grow large. Some individuals can reach lengths over 3 feet and weigh up to 50 pounds or more, depending on the species.

Meridian Adventure Dive Fish 4
Raja Ampat Creature Feature Bigeye Trevally 4

Habitat: Trevally are found in many marine environments, from shallow coastal waters to deep offshore areas. They are often associated with coral reefs, rocky shorelines, and underwater structures. Some species are known for their preference for estuaries and brackish water.

Diet: Trevally are predatory fish and are opportunistic feeders. They primarily feed on smaller fish, crustaceans, and other marine organisms. Their hunting strategy often involves chasing and ambushing their prey.

Trevally fish are found in various parts of the world, including the Indo-Pacific region in Raja Ampat—the bigeye trevally, scientific name Caranx sexfasciatus.

Bigeye trevally are characterised by their elongated and streamlined bodies, large eyes (hence the name “bigeye”), and a series of horizontal black bands or stripes along their sides. These stripes are a key identifying feature and may vary in intensity and number among individuals.

These fish are known for their schooling behaviour, often forming large groups in open water or around reefs. They are predatory fish and primarily feed on smaller fish, crustaceans, and other tiny marine organisms.

Bigeye trevally populations can be vulnerable to overfishing, so conservation efforts and sustainable fishing practices are essential to ensure their continued presence in the oceans.

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