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Green Fins goes digital

Green Fins goes digital to boost reach

The ambition of the Reef-World Foundation to encourage dive operators to adopt eco-friendlier practices long seems to have been countered by slow take-up around the

Shore Surveyor

Shore Surveyor trains seaside spotters

An eLearning course called Shore Surveyor might interest especially younger members of divers’ families. It is the result of a partnership between the British Sub-Aqua

Baltic wreck

Divers date unique Baltic shipwreck

An underwater investigation was sparked after puzzling mussel-covered timber beams and barrels containing an unknown cargo were found at a depth of 11m during a

Portugal clean-up

700 divers needed for Portugal clean-up

Portugal-based marine-conservation charity Oceanum Liberandum hopes to host 700 scuba divers in the world’s biggest-ever underwater clean-up event on 24 September. The participants will be