Discover the underwater treasures of Africa in this section. We highlight the continent’s most stunning dive sites, from the vibrant coral reefs of the Red Sea to the rich marine biodiversity of the Indian Ocean.

Experience the thrill of diving with sharks in South Africa, explore the historic wrecks of Sudan, and more as we journey through Africa’s unique underwater landscapes.

Garden of Eden
Diving in the Garden of Eden

The Seychelles archipelago was reckoned by Arab sailors in ancient times to be the fabled Garden of Eden, and AL HORNSBY reckons the reality can

52 pro divers’ favourite local dive-sites

Pre-lockdown we asked 16 pro divers from around the world to share their favourite local dive-sites with DIVER readers. Their colourful accounts will make you long to experience these dives.

Whale sharks assemble in numbers at St Helena for five months in the Southern Hemisphere summer.
Bony Would Have Died Happy

Yes, had Napoleon Bonaparte been into diving, he would soon have realised that St Helena is not the worst place in the world to end your days in exile.

Tropic of Cancer

Does the south still capture the frontier spirit and diving quality found in the north in the 1980s? DAVID C WRIGHT spends a loosely planned month finding out.

Want to be Friends?

How easily a website can give a misleading impression of a destination, but as it turned out there was no question of Gran Canaria proving a let-down for WILL APPLEYARD


It’s not the cheapest place to visit but it’s certainly up there in the desirability stakes – CATH BATES travels


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