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Viagra tablet

Viagra and diving: Risk reduction

Awareness is everything in diving, and BOB COLE has advice for divers who, for whatever reason, take PDE5 inhibitors I recently met an old friend

The Fat of the Land

As we launch into the start of a New Year, Nick Lyon urges divers to take a good, hard look at their body shape and level of fitness, and take action to get ‘fit to dive’

Allergic to Latex

Statistics indicate that 1 to 6% of the general population is allergic to natural rubber latex, and in rare cases, reactions can be so violent that they are fatal.

Diving and Epilepsy

For anyone at increased risk of suffering seizures, venturing under water might seem foolhardy, but there are certain circumstances under which diving may be possible.

Are You Dive Fit?

It’s the start of the UK diving season, so the question is particularly important. For divers “at work” the health and fitness

Diving With Diabetes

Diabetes is a disease that affects the endocrine system, the collection of glands that produce hormones regulating

Barotrauma in Bonaire

Tell-tale signs during a training course could have given a diver a vital clue, but they were missed.