Prioritise your health and safety with Divernet as we delve into important aspects of diving medicine, with insights into dive-related health conditions such as decompression illness, ear and equalisation problems, IPOs, ability to dive with serious medical conditions and more.

The aim is to boost understanding and help divers to make informed decisions and go on having safe and enjoyable diving experiences.

Lungs (Rawpixel)
DDRC needs divers’ help on lungs

Plymouth-based DDRC Healthcare is marking 15 years since the launch of its revealing Health of Divers study series by undertaking new research into divers’ lung

Cross Fit
Keeping dive-fit through winter

Particularly for those who dive mainly in the UK or other coldwater locations, our panel of industry experts look at how to stay in good

Biometric diver black and white photo
The Making of the Biometric Diver

DAN Europe founder Alessandro Marroni is realising a 50-year-old dream, says MICHAEL MENDUNO, chief of InDEPTH magazine (of which news below). As the title published

Viagra tablet
Viagra and diving: Risk reduction

Awareness is everything in diving, and BOB COLE has advice for divers who, for whatever reason, take PDE5 inhibitors I recently met an old friend


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