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Journey beneath the waves with World Dives, where we spotlight the most extraordinary dive sites from across the globe.

Experience the vibrant coral reefs of the Pacific, the haunting shipwrecks of the Atlantic, and everything in between. With firsthand accounts, stunning visuals, and insider tips, we aim to inspire and guide your next underwater adventure.

Bass Rock, Firth of Forth, Scotland
Why divers should visit the Bass

LAWSON WOOD explores the seabird-covered landmark at the entrance to the Firth of Forth, which offers dramatic scenery both above and below the surface The

Diver exploring the edge of the drop-off at one of Wakatobi' 55 plus named dive sites, Turkey Beach.
Maxing Out at Wakatobi

Visitors to Wakatobi often compliment favorably on the pristine condition of the coral reefs and the exceptional variety of marine life found within the resort’s

This ship would become a popular wreck-site

As the treasured Wreck Tour series was beginning its 180-site run in Diver magazine, renowned shipwreck expert KENDALL McDONALD came up with his personal 100 Best UK Wreck

airline travel (Jacobaxford)
Red Sea dive-trip: Plane truths

Red Sea liveaboards are great. Dive, eat, sleep, repeat. Luvverly. Except for the package flight either end of the week. Oh well, needs must –

Tim Lawrence prepares to investigate a mark off Brunei
Destroyer wreck dive-quest in Brunei

Ace Thailand-based wreck-investigator TIM LAWRENCE led an expedition to Brunei recently, carrying an Explorers Club pennant, in a bid to track down a Japanese WW2

Turtle (Federica Carr)
Return to Siladen (with Gen Alpha)

A past favourite destination in Indonesia is revisited by FEDERICA CARR, but would now having a six-year-old in tow cramp her diving style? Far from

Angel shark (Sophie Keningale)
My top 3 shore dives in Gran Canaria 

No boat required, though some entries are easier than others: SOPHIE KENINGALE provides a local diver’s perspective of some of the Canary Islands’ hottest dive-sites


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