North & Central America

Discover the mesmerizing dive sites of North & Central America, where the diverse marine ecosystems offer unforgettable experiences. From the world-renowned coral reefs of Belize and Mexico’s cenotes to the intriguing wrecks of the Caribbean, we showcase the remarkable underwater beauty of this region.

Dive with whale sharks off the coast of Honduras, explore the vibrant kelp forests of California, and indulge in the thrilling encounters that await in North & Central America’s underwater realm.

Exploring the wreck of the Robert Gaskin
2 ways to make a Canadian splash

Ali Postma and her husband Joey worked their way around Canada to document the diversity of its diving from coast to coast. She picks out two contrasting locations to give us a flavour…

I.CARE coral-reef restoration in action
Coral crash: can our reefs be saved?

Florida’s live hard-coral cover has crashed from 20th-century highs to as low as 3% today: JOHN CHRISTOPHER FINE returns to the I.CARE coral-restoration team to

Rick Stanton on his way through Sump
Diving Everest in Pozo Azul

A British-led team made history in September with the world’s longest-ever cave-diving penetration. Support diver Martyn Farr pays tribute, and explains how this extraordinary feat


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