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Explore the finest diveable wrecks around the UK in detail with our Shipwreck Tours – John Liddiard’s expert diving descriptions combined with Max Ellis’s fine illustrations provide the perfect set of wreck-dive previews.

You’ll feel as if you’re diving alongside our content creators on these 19th and 20th-century shipwrecks, from cargo steamers to warships, subs to lightships – and when you get to dive these sites for real, your Shipwreck Tours briefing will ensure that you get the utmost from the experience!

The Turquoise Wreck Tour
Wreck Tour 29: The Turquoise

For the first time we venture abroad, though within easy striking distance of the South Coast, says JOHN LIDDIARD – to dive an unusual WW2

The Ashbury
Wreck Tour 66: The Ashbury

You’ll have to travel about as far north as you can go in mainland Scotland to dive this tramp steamer, one of World War Two’s

The Ashford
Wreck Tour 65: The Ashford

The steamer Ashford out of Brighton is more than 120 years old – which means that it has some interesting features for divers to enjoy,

HMS Scylla
Wreck Tour 64: HMS Scylla

We interrupt this series to bring you a wreck that sank only recently and, thanks to kind March weather, did so right on time and

The Tapti
Wreck Tour 63: The Tapti

It’s a bit of a run out of Scotland’s west coast centres, says JOHN LIDDIARD, but much remains to be seen on this rarely dived

Wreck Tour 53: Segontium

This mussel-dredger lying off Anglesey makes an appealing prospect for an all-levels club outing, says JOHN LIDDIARD. Illustration by MAX ELLIS FOR OUR FIRST-EVER NORTH

The St Jacques
Wreck Tour 60: The St Jacques

Who’s been messing about with the buoy? This French steamer wreck out of Milford Haven might be hard to pin down, says JOHN LIDDIARD, but

Fenella Ann
Wreck Tour 59: Fenella Ann

How often do you get the chance to dive an intact wooden wreck in the UK? JOHN LIDDIARD has a nice little Manx trawler in

The Buccaneer
Wreck Tour 58: The Buccaneer

During gunnery practice, it’s accepted custom to aim for the target rather than the tugboat that’s towing it. The Buccaneer fell victim to a gunner

The James Barrie
Wreck Tour 54: The James Barrie

Scapa Flow is renowned the world over for its warship wrecks. So why go there to dive a fishing-boat? Because, says JOHN LIDDIARD, it’s there

The Persier
Wreck tour 52: The Persier

A great South Devon favourite, this Belgian steamship went down packed with provisions in 1945. JOHN LIDDIARD takes us on a zig-zag wander. Illustration by

The Heidrun
Wreck Tour 49: The Heidrun

If you have dived this Norwegian steamer, sunk off Cornwall in 1918, you might have entered it under a different name in your logbook. JOHN

The Shuna shipwreck
Wreck Tour 48: The Shuna

This steamer that sank 90 years ago is the most intact in the Sound of Mull, but you might need to get there early, says

The Brummer wreck
Wreck Tour 46: The Brummer

This German light cruiser, which took more than its share of scalps in WW2, makes for a Scapa Flow wreck dive that is a little

The Britannia wreck
Wreck Tour 45: The Britannia

Brave the currents off the Farne Islands to enjoy the remnants of this colourful steamer with a touch of mystery, says JOHN LIDDIARD. Illustration by


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