Raja Ampat Dive Sites Cape Kri

Raja Ampat Dive Sites Cape Kri

Local Guide To Raja Ampat Dive Sites – Cape Kri

Kri is an island in North Raja Ampat, smack in the middle of the Dampier Strait. This island has become world-famous for the incredible dive sites found all around this relatively large landmass.

This dive site is the prime location for divers of all levels and experience, from gentle sloping reefs to towering wall dives.

Arguably the most famous and best of these dive sites can be found stretching along the southern coast of Kri Island, named Cape Kri, where large wall dives and slopes make up a few kilometres of coastline. The best part of this dive site is found on the eastern tip of the landmass.

Raja Ampat Dive Sites Cape Kri
Raja Ampat Dive Sites Cape Kri 2

Due to the location of the island and the natural cape that it forms, this eastern part makes it a superhighway for marine life. The area is home to two prevailing currents that create the perfect spot to see masses of fish converging where the currents intersect. The best time to dive this incredible dive site is as the current is reaching its peak. Make your way from the west towards the end of the reef. Although this current can get quite strong, it is an easy drift dive even for the less experienced.

As you make your way along the reef, you will be treated to masses of snappers, sweetlips, triggerfish, batfish, and on occasion, barracuda and bump-head parrotfish, to name a few. The large schools of fish bring natural predators, so reef sharks are in abundance. If timed right, you will end on the cape point just as the current reaches its peak and starts to die down. Where you will be surrounded by incredible reef slopes and an unimaginable number of fish as far as you can see, at this point of the dive, it is best to make use of the sloping reef for cover from the intersecting currents for as long as possible to get the full experience truly.

Once the currents have died down, it is possible to make your way over the slope onto a shallow reef rich with colours and marine life. Then allow the current to gently push you away from the reef while doing your safety stop. It is recommended to have a surface signalling device for this dive and only dive it with experienced and safety-conscious guides and instructors and to follow their instructions and recommendations.

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