Aqabawi Cultural Experiences | Adventures in Aqaba, Jordan

In the final installment of this series we talk to Aqabawi about some of the unique cultural experiences Aqaba has to offer.

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Ash Embi
Ash Embi
3 years ago

Super interesting video about the area and it’s great that there’s so much to do around Aqaba. Hopefully travel restrictions lift soon and it becomes much easier for people to go and visit the place, not only for the cultural experiences but also for the awesome diving that I’ve heard so much about! I recently started my channel and I’ve got a video about the search for Mola Mola, the ocean sunfish coming soon! Hopefully one day I’ll get the chance to come and make a video about the diving in Aqaba too!

Scuba Diver Magazine
Scuba Diver Magazine
Reply to  Ash Embi
3 years ago

I hope so too!

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