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Joshua Cameron
Joshua Cameron
6 months ago

#Askmark Hi Mark, another question for you when you get the time (thank you for previous answers). I have a neoprene drysuit which is currently my only drysuit. During the winter it’s fantastic, but as anyone who has owned a neoprene drysuit knows it gets very hot and sweaty when on the surface launching/recovering Ribs etc. Though I religiously and thoroughly rinse my drysuit off with fresh water after every diving day, a slow build up of sweaty humid weather means a smell is starting to emanate from the lower legs and boot area of the drysuit. I’m hot on turning my drysuit inside out as best I can (it has solid booties not socks so it can only unfold so far) and even steal my wife’s nice boot trees when she’s not looking. Once aired the smell is incredibly feint but soon starts to return once the suit is warmed up with body temperature whilst being worn. What is the best way / product to clean the inside of a neoprene drysuit so the smell doesn’t grow to the point it’s noticeable to others? Many thanks Josh

Scuba Diver Magazine
Scuba Diver Magazine
Reply to  Joshua Cameron
6 months ago

The inside needs a good soak with some disinfectant to kill the nasties that are calling your suit home. Airing your suit is good but there are still places they can hide in.

Use a wetsuit shampoo or something that won’t affect the rubber / neoprene but will kill bacteria and fungus etc.

Beverley Newman
Beverley Newman
6 months ago

What a great idea, have passed on to friends that live in Brighton so they can participate

Joseph dracula
Joseph dracula
6 months ago

👍😎🤿🇵🇭Another good one!

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