DEMA 2020: What New Scuba Diving Equipment Has Been Announced So Far!

The scuba Diving Equipment and Marketing Associate or DEMA for short is the big US trade show that happens each year. Here is a round up of all the new scuba diving equipment we've found so far.

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Ruairidh Bulger
Ruairidh Bulger
3 years ago

With the release of a new version of the Mk19 Evo, has Scubapro givien any indication that it will be extending the range of 2nd stages acailable with it?

Scuba Diver Magazine
Scuba Diver Magazine
Reply to  Ruairidh Bulger
3 years ago

Not that we know of.

Robb Chadwick
Robb Chadwick
3 years ago

Thanks Mark. Sounds like they tried to make the best of a less than ideal situation. Hopefully we are back to a traditional DEMA next year.

Scuba Diver Magazine
Scuba Diver Magazine
Reply to  Robb Chadwick
3 years ago

Hope so!

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