How do Heated Undersuits Affect Decompression? #scuba #AskMark

How to Heated Undersuits Affect Decompression? #scuba #AskMark @ScubaDiverMagazine

Gentle Rain
Hey Mark,
Would you please do a deeper discussion on artificial heating, cold water and decompression… specifically if there is additional time not accounted by the computer.

#scuba #scubadiving #scubadiver

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Alistair Wilson
Alistair Wilson
2 months ago

Santi did make heated socks but for Military only 🙁

2 months ago

Warmth increases perfusion (the flow of blood through your body tissues). Good perfusion is needed to remove excess Nitrogen during ascent.

Like Mark says being slightly cold during descent reduces perfusion and slows down the ongassing and being warm during ascent increases offgassing, speeding up your decompression. That’s good. The other way around is much more risky and should be avoided.

If you bring heated gear make sure to have a backup plan because if your heating fails on the ascent you’ll need to manually extend your decompression stops.

Randy Finke
Randy Finke
2 months ago

Please tell me more about the heated undergarments for wetsuits!! I hate diving in a bag of air even here in Chile and a heated undergarment for my wetsuit could be a game changer.

2 months ago


I am very new to the sport, having had my first dive in Jamaica two months ago. I’ve caught the bug and have been researching everything I can, 😮ahead of my OW certification.

As a new diver, I am a bit overwhelmed by all of the choices of BCDs available to me. It is my understanding that back plate and harness systems offers the most flexibility and can be adapted as I grow in the sport. Do you agree with my assessment?

If so, any recommendations on a backplate and harness system best for new divers traveling to most, if not all, of their dives?

If not, which BCD style is best for longevity?

Thank you for your time!#AskMark

Scuba Diver Magazine
Scuba Diver Magazine
Reply to  TheEveryDayRandomizer
2 months ago

Yes, backplate and wing systems do give you the best customisation and flexibility compared to a ‘recreational’ BCD. And a lot of divers are going straight to backplates when buying equipment now.

If you’re travelling then an aluminium backplate is your best option. You can use it at home and abroad. I like the XDEEP Zen and Mares XR Backmount sets. Tecline also have some good choices with backplates in a range of sizes.

The best for longevity and complete customisation is a single piece harness so that you can choose where each piece of hardware goes on the 2″ harness.

Reply to  TheEveryDayRandomizer
2 months ago

@Scuba Diver Magazine thank you for the prompt response, Safe Diving!

Andrew R
Andrew R
2 months ago

Thanks, I’ve considered getting a heated under garment. Never thought about the Li-ion batteries issue. I’m in a drysuit for about 8 months of the year when I’m teaching.

Joseph dracula
Joseph dracula
2 months ago

😎👍🇵🇭🤿 Very interesting about cold water diving I pretty much only dive tropical water but always do love a bit of different diving education!

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