I get wet when I reconnect my drysuit hose underwater #scuba #askmark

Will I get wet when I reconnect my drysuit hose underwater? #scuba #askmark
#askmark very glad you brought up dry suits and re-connecting the LP hose. I was doing tank removal and replace drills in SM setup. And probably disconnected the inflator 10 times. At the end of the dive my chest to my belly button was very wet. Upon asking more experienced divers I was told less than 1 ML of water can get in between those one-way valves. I leak tested like crazy focusing on the inflator mechanism and the zip, and couldn’t find the culprit. Is it possible that running those drills caused that amount of water to enter my suit?

#scuba #scubadiving #scubadiver

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10 months ago

Hey Mark I just got back from a dive on the (ex) HMAS Brisbane and had a headache after, after a bit of research it seems like it was caused by CO2 buildup from my breathing, any tips on how to improve on this? #AskMark

Scuba Diver Magazine
Scuba Diver Magazine
Reply to  Asho23
10 months ago

Headaches are a red flag after a dive and can be a symptom of a lot of things from a tight mask strap to decompression sickness and a lot of other problems. It’s always worth a phone call with DAN just to talk with diver medical professionals +1-919-684-9111.

If you know 100% that it was caused by CO2 build up then that’s usually caused by shallow breathing. Big deep breaths to clear out as much exhaled air and replacing it with fresh air will help to clear out CO2. Shallow breaths retain a large amount of used air and it’s important to exhale as much as possible and replacing it with fresh air.

Reply to  Asho23
10 months ago

​@Scuba Diver Magazine thanks Mark! Appreciate it, love your work!

Joseph dracula
Joseph dracula
10 months ago

😎👍🤿🇵🇭Never used a dry suit before but enjoyed the education!

hasse birkmose
hasse birkmose
10 months ago

Nice hoodie – what is the brand?

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