Patience Is A Virtue All Scuba Instructors Should Have

A scuba instructors task isn't always easy, some students just get it and others don't. As a diving instructor patience is one of the virtues you must possess if you hope to be a good scuba instructor.

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Patience Is A Virtue All Scuba Instructors Should Have
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Louis Fivaz
Louis Fivaz
2 years ago

Hi Marcel. I feel very honoured to be the first to comment on this great vid. Absolutely true w.r.t instructors needing a TON of patience. In my instructing experience, I’ve seen a lot of good examples of short-tempered / inpatient instructors. I feel that showing patience to a student and making them feel like they are getting all my attention goes a long way to keep those students diving and continuing their education, which is ultimately what we want. Understandably there are situations (particularly when working for dive centres), where we don’t have full control over the number of classes we teach per month, which may lead to a bit of…instructors fatigue.. But yes… I would rate patience as the number one priority.

Marcel, on a different note, I would like more information about becoming a PADI course director, would you be able to point me in the right direction with some information about going about it? I would love to have your take on it as I’ve followed your career for some time and would appreciate your guidance so much. Thanks man

Marcel van den Berg
Marcel van den Berg
Reply to  Louis Fivaz
2 years ago

Hi Louis, first of all thank you for your compliment! Having patience and be caring to your students really set’s apart good and bad diving instructors.

Giving you some tips on how to become a Course Director is too much information to type out. But if you want we can plan a phone call with WhatsApp so I can hear your story and will be able to give you the right tips you need. Maybe first send me an email to: info@idckohtaothailand.com and then we plan the phone call 🙂

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