Scuba Gear Review | Diving Torches – Tecline Teclight Product Review

Our test team give the Tecline Teclight the full once over to see if it stands up to our stringent standards.

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Scuba Gear Tecline Teclight Product Review
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eddy brown II
eddy brown II
1 year ago

Thanks for the shout out. Just a question if you would like to discuss. Is a SPG (submerge pressure guage) necessary in recreational diving if you have an Air Integerated computer?

Scuba Diver Magazine
Scuba Diver Magazine
Reply to  eddy brown II
1 year ago

Now back in the day, I would always advocate having a compact SPG on your rig as well as a transmitter because some of the first transmitters were, well, a bit hit-and-miss as to maintaining signal. I always preferred to have a small SPG tucked away so that in the event my computer and transmitter had a falling-out, I could just revert to using my SPG and continue the dive. These days, transmitters are much more reliable, so this is not really the case anymore (but I still have my SPG on my regs as a back up as I am old-school).

eddy brown II
eddy brown II
Reply to  eddy brown II
1 year ago

Thanks for your input. I’m looking to purchase regs soon. I may just buy a working SPG to put in the “Save a Dive” kit as an emergency backup

Scuba Diver Magazine
Scuba Diver Magazine
Reply to  eddy brown II
1 year ago

@eddy brown II you’e welcome.

Hunter Falkner
Hunter Falkner
Reply to  eddy brown II
1 year ago

@eddy brown II I have both a transmitter and SPG. It’s really convenient to have your tank pressure available on your hand like that and I’ve never really had any real problems with it, although sometimes the signal gets weaker and the pressure disappears from the computer for a couple seconds, it was never a big problem and it always came back soon after such an event. Some people advocate for always having a backup SPG as the transmitter or computer can fail underwater but honestly – if anything like that happens it’s not really much of a issue as the dive is already aborted. However the real issue with the transmitters wouldn’t really be their safety underwater but their reliability out of the water. They’re somewhat more delicate than an SPG as they require regular service and calibration, battery changes etc. and you really don’t want to get to the dive site to figure out that your transmitter is not working for some reason and now you have a big problem. For that reason I still have my SPG and if for any reason it turns out that my transmitter fails to cooperate I don’t worry at all and just use the SPG – and for this reason I would also recommend still using the SPG with your transmitter.

I hope that helps 🙂

The Last Roman
The Last Roman
1 year ago

Thanks for making and posting this video.

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