SEAC Symbol Mask Review #scuba #mask @SeacSubTV @ScubaDiverMagazine ​

SEAC Symbol Mask Review #scuba #mask @SeacSubTV @ScubaDiverMagazine
Seac Symbol is a Made in Italy diving mask with two lenses with 3D buckle attached directly to the skirt. The edge of the skirt is slightly curved to increase the grip area, reducing discomfort and marks on the face for optimal comfort even in prolonged use. The double-button 3D rocker buckle facilitates the adjustment of the silicone mask strap. The angled 3 mm tempered glass lenses ensure excellent visibility and great resistance.
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rob d
rob d
8 months ago

Hi Mark after your advise again what do you think of seaskin membrane drysuit gift for wife love the vids

Original KK
Original KK
8 months ago

Cheaper copy of Tusa Intega, which also allows prescription lenses.

Randy Finke
Randy Finke
8 months ago

A guitar pick is a great tool for separating plastics like you’re talking about to change the lens. If you need to, grind one corner down a bit to make it closer to the appropriate screw driver size.

Ahoy F⚓️ckers
Ahoy F⚓️ckers
8 months ago

I’m confused… the description for suba diver magazine says that it’s a free publication in certain countries, including the U.S. but when you either type in the subscription “US offer” address in your description of this video, it says the page is unavailable. If you click on the link below that “offer” address, it takes you to scuba diver magazine but asks if you want to subscribe for a fee. Yes, you get a free trial period but it’s not free like stated in the description of this youtube page. So could you please explain how scuba diver magazine works… is it free or not, is it online only with no print form?

Chris Philhower
Chris Philhower
8 months ago

I have a SEAC Eagle with Rx Lenses. Nice mask. Feels like a Toy compared to my Genesis Rx mask.

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