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Should I Store My Drysuit Zipper Open or Closed? | #AskMark #scuba #Q&A | @ScubaDiverMagazine

Should I Store My Drysuit Zipper Open or Closed? | #AskMark #scuba #Q&A | @Scuba Diver Magazine
#scuba #scubadiving #scubadiver

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00:00 – Intro
00:55 – buoyancy checks
06:14 – cold water regs in warm waters
09:20 – drysuit storage
13:22 – mixing regulator brands
16:56 – going diving
19:46 – Tecline

#askmark Hi Mark, congrats on this new channel. I'm using the new Apeks WTX-D30 + stainless steel BP. I'm diving in warm water and zero weight belt, can dive comfortably, no issue, 0.5mm wetsuit. Question, when i did my weight check before decent, it's not eye level, instead it went underwater suggesting that I'm overweight. Is this normal and should i increase my buoyancy by getting thicker wetsuit?

james collins
#AskMark I was able to get a ahold of a MilSpec MTX (not the R or RC), and was mostly looking to use it in tropical water. In the past Q&As you have mentioned maybe getting MTX-Rs adjusted for summer time use, What should I say to the technician in order to get it tuned for warm water diving? Is it just dialling the Cracking pressure out?

Hector Tamez
Hi Mark, Thanks for the extremely useful videos. Do you store your dry suit with the zipper open or closed? How do you hang it / store it? The manufacturer of mine recommends storing it with zipper closed (Fourth Element Argonaut 2.0) yet instructor and other divers recommended storing it open for less tension/memory in zipper. Thoughts? Thanks.

Ivan Ibarra
#askmark hello! so to be clear. I have been using an Oceanic Alpha 10 Octo with my Atomic B2. Is this not good? Frowned upon? Or is it just a warranty thing?

Murat Akay
Thanks for great content as always Mark
It would be great to see diving videos with you in it. Do you plan to upload any dive videos anytime soon? I've never seen a video where you dive.
2: Do you know of the brand Tecline? Care to review some of their regulators maybe?


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Rui Santos
Rui Santos
1 year ago

#AskMark Hi Mark, all Twinset configurations I’ve seen, including yours, only have a single SPG. In my mind I assumed that you would need one SPG for each cylinder to give you a reading of pressure in case you need to shut the valve of the other cylinder? Thank you! Rui

Philip Lucky
Philip Lucky
1 year ago

#AskMark Hi Mark thank you for more great informative information, quick question wanted your thoughts on the PROBE
IFLEX SEMI-DRY SCUBA or PROBE MENS IDRY WETSUITS vs other wetsuit manufacturers pros and cons, use will be Australia, Solomon Islands, Indonesia, Phillipines, Malaysia and the like

Lidewij Vos
Lidewij Vos
1 year ago

I dive a Tecline B&W and I’m pretty happy with it! Not used their regs yet but my instructors also tech technical diving and swear by them.

joseph gurneck
joseph gurneck
1 year ago


1 year ago

#AskMark I hadn’t heard that you were expecting. Congratulations!!! No question. Just that!

1 year ago

Do you find a difference in the amount of ‘clicks’ open a Drysuit exhaust valve needs to be for Sitech vs Apeks? Just got a new suit that has Sitech as they said they couldn’t get hold of Apeks. Also, how many clicks open or closed to you have it? #AskMark

Leopold Bloom
Leopold Bloom
1 year ago

18:20 Hey, congratulations! Is the bubble maker course for little Mark jr. already scheduled?

Scuba Diver Magazine
Scuba Diver Magazine
Reply to  Leopold Bloom
1 year ago

I’m pretty sure they’ll find their way into scuba diving when they’re at the right age.
Although, one of the guys I used to teach with had three kids and none of them wanted to learn

Leopold Bloom
Leopold Bloom
Reply to  Leopold Bloom
1 year ago

@Scuba Diver Magazine Ah, scuba dads are coolest (except for some of the teenage years)! 😄

Team Peg Leg
Team Peg Leg
1 year ago

For longer term storage I close the outer zipper, as that keeps the main zipper in a fairly normal position without zipping it an additional time adding wear and tear. But TBH that is pretty rare for me, as it is either zipper open hanging up drying off or packed in my crate to dive the next day.

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