Top10 Weird Scuba Discoveries | #top10 #scuba #underwater | @ScubaDiverMagazine

Neptune Memorial Reef – https://youtu.be/FfFh5T7qOPQ – @BBCReel
Yonaguni Monument – https://youtu.be/_ep9P6uX9BM – @freediverhd
Yonaguni Monument – https://youtu.be/V-Iz0zfZLOI – @Taapster
Jason Voorhees – https://youtu.be/T0kmR2iwh3U – @lahrcm
Antikythera – https://youtu.be/qqlJ50zDgeA – @BBCReel
Sculpture Forrest – https://youtu.be/oip5M3IJ4bI – youtube.com/user/divetaylor
Lost Locamotives – https://youtu.be/hE4IbZj5JS4 – @drcrowell
Cenote Angelita – https://youtu.be/iHBvKDOfWiI – youtube.com/user/TecdiveTV – @bbcearth
Nuclear Bunker – https://youtu.be/HhGcF5jTkD8 – @TheDaytripper
Submerged Prison – https://youtu.be/8bm9O1OoHII – @TreaderTube

00:00 – Intro
00:49 – Underwater Gravesite
01:49 – Giant Eyeball
02:52 – Yonaguni Monument
04:07 – Jason Voorhees
05:00 – Antikythera
06:10 – Sculpture Forrest
07:16 – Lost Locamotives
08:14 – Cenote Angelita
09:12 – Nuclear Bunker
10:12 – Submerged Prison

Top10 Weird Scuba Discoveries | #top10 #scuba #underwater | @Scuba Diver Magazine
Ten strange things that have been found underwater and around the oceans
#scuba #scubadiving #scubadiver

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Nate Willis
Nate Willis
1 year ago

There’s a WWII era jeep and fire truck at about 75’ at family beach in Guam

1 year ago

There’s a missle silo that’s available to dive relatively close to me. Looking more into that

Oh…it made the list. Nevermind!

Sage Stuart
Sage Stuart
1 year ago

similar to your experiance I had a stump that was drifting like that and I could stand on it without tipping over I was ocean canoeing

Joseph dracula
Joseph dracula
1 year ago

👍😎pretty cool and enjoyable 🤿

Ahmer Naushad
Ahmer Naushad
1 year ago

This is so cool! Especially the Jason Voorhees one!

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