Underwater Missile Silo is Open for Diving Again #scuba #podcast


This week, an underwater nuclear missile silo is back and open for business for scuba diving again, good results are coming from the seagrass replanting project in plymouth, there’s a conference in November for anybody interested in historical diving, military divers helped clean up some nasty ghost gear, Hurgada has some new wrecks for divers to explore and the search for a missing scuba diver have been called off
#scuba #scubadiving #scubadiver

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Michal Kroutvar
Michal Kroutvar
6 months ago

#ASKMARK Hi Mark, I am little confused with environmentally sealed first stages.There is a lot of informations on the web but some of them are exact oposit of others.For example some says that “most Mares first stages are not sealed..” on the other hand you can find that “all diaphragm first stages are sealed by its nature” ,etc. Could you please put some light on this ? I am looking for a sealed first stage for its increased reliability rather than cold water diving.Thanks

Scuba Diver Magazine
Scuba Diver Magazine
Reply to  Michal Kroutvar
6 months ago

Yeah, it can get confusing. To call _all_ diaphragm 1st stages is false. While yes, they do keep water out of certain sections of the 1st stage by design, water can still penetrate the outer section if there is no membrane.

A ‘true’ environmentally sealed 1st stage will have a soft membrane that prevents water from finding it’s way inside the 1st stage. 1st stages like the Scubpro Mk11 are diaphragm regulators but, do not have an environmental seal. If you look at the Mares 62X, there is a part that you can add called the TBP Dry Kit that adds an environmental seal that comes as standard on the Atlas ADJ version.

It’s easiest to tell when a 1st stage is in your hands, if you can see a spring through one of the holes then it is not environmentally sealed.

Michal Kroutvar
Michal Kroutvar
Reply to  Michal Kroutvar
6 months ago

…as always very clear and erudite answer…thanks a lot 👌

Samuel Young
Samuel Young
4 months ago

Why do you change voice level. It’s very annoying when listening with head phones. You’ll be loud, then whisper for some reason. May want to check you audio and / or get a better mic.

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