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What’s the Little Boltsnap on a Regulator For? | #AskMark #scuba #questions | @ScubaDiverMagazine

What’s the Little Boltsnap on a Regulator For? | #AskMark #scuba #questions | @Scuba Diver Magazine

#scuba #scubadiving #scubadiver

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00:00 – Intro
00:54 – Custom Mouthpiece Primary Donate?
03:12 – What’s the Little Boltsnap on a Regulator For?
05:01 – Which BCD Should I Wear as an Instructor?
08:55 – How’s Best To Store Equipment?
15:48 – Local Sidemount Style?


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Henrik Hansen
Henrik Hansen
1 year ago

hi Mark : biggest different is, a Mexican setup is for aluminum tanks and typically minimalistist and lightweight approach with lift focused over the hips, like “Xdeep Stealth”.
Florida setup is good for Steel tank, but perform badly with aluminum tanks, a more robust BCD, lift distributed along the torso old school like “hollis100” not recommended for Cave :)

Luis el cabron
Luis el cabron
1 year ago

Congrats Mark!!! I am in the same situation with my couple too.

1 year ago

Thanks Mark! Great info as always!

Joseph dracula
Joseph dracula
1 year ago


Stefan W
Stefan W
1 year ago

#askmark Hey Mark, quickish question. When I dive sidemount CCR, my CCR unit is on my right side, so my left side has my bailout with longhose donate. Normally on OC sidemount the long hose goes on the right for donate. Is there a good reason to reconfigure every time switching between sidemount OC diving and sidemount CCR diving?

Scuba Diver Magazine
Scuba Diver Magazine
Reply to  Stefan W
1 year ago

Interesting question, I figure it originates from the whole ‘regulators on the right’ mindset and now that SM Rebreathers exist it throws a new spanner in the works.

Long Hose donate functions just as well from the left side as it does the right and it’s a pretty easy concept to explain to your buddy before a dive so maybe it’s time to embrace being a left long hose donator.

Ask Gary Dallas how he manages, I think he dives a SM Liberty

1 year ago

Educational as always! Thank you. I’m looking to purchase items to create a proper SAD kit as a recreational diver. This would be for diving at home in a drysuit as well as a slimmed-down version for tropical dive vacations. What do you recommend?

Scuba Diver Magazine
Scuba Diver Magazine
Reply to  Katherine
1 year ago

I usually carry a set of replacement silicone seals, zipper lube and some talc for my drysuit.
Most of the tools and spares I carry are for my drygloves if one rips.
Otherwise an extra hood is always nice for dive 2

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